Carbon Paw Print

Earth Day is April 22 and a great day to evaluate your own impact on the environment. But have you ever considered the impact pets may play on the environment? Reducing our own carbon footprint is important and so is reducing our pet’s carbon paw print.

There are many ways you can help reduce the impact pets have on the environment, here are just a few:

Consider the litter – clay used in litter is strip mined from the earth. It is a non-sustainable resource and fills our landfills. Instead consider a bio-degradable litter made from wood, corn or paper. Not only will this reduce carbon paw print – it could potentially improve the health of your cat as clay litter dust can be dangerous!

Packaging is a plus – many of the pet food packaging and containers are either TerraCycle® or recyclable. This is another important yet commonly overlooked way to help reduce your pet’s impact on the environment.

Don’t over feed your pets – obesity is common both in people and their pets! Overfeeding creates more waste and let’s face it, a healthy pet will be with you longer!

Waste Management is where it’s at – bio-degradable waste bags or pee pads are another way you can help the environment. In addition, you should consider more natural cleaning alternatives versus harsh cleaners and chemicals.

Toys that entertain and sustain – several companies use recycled materials to make toys for your pets. West Paw Design has a host of toys and accessories that are environmentally friendly and Made in the USA. From toys to beds, this company firmly believes in helping their customers reduce the carbon paw print of their pets. Molly Mutt is another unique company providing pet beds that reduce the environmental impact. Their pet bed duvets give new life to old clothing and linens – while giving your pet a comforting bed that smells like you to bring them comfort when you are away.

Next time you head to All Pets Considered for your pet products, be on the lookout for eco-friendlier alternatives for your pets!


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